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gymnastics club huddersfieldNew code 2022 is here

The 2022-24 code is only an interim as the Olympics were delayed due to covid. Normally it would in place after the Olympics but had been delayed until 2022. It's here and some changes are evident, most notably the increased importance of artistry and the devaluing of certain skills.

gymnastics club huddersfieldParis 2024
gymnastics club huddersfield Facebook page and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram

gymnastics club huddersfieldAdult Gym

The adults class is on a hiatus at the moment due to Covid restrictions. We are hoping to be back from the middle of May 2021.

gymnastics club huddersfieldSports Acro

Sports Acro

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Pics from 2018

Artistic posing
HGC gymnasts always ready..

Poppy on Bars
Gotta go big
Gotta go big
Aimee performing her set
Aimee performing her set
Poppy on the podium
Poppy on the podium
Hyper split
Pics from 2016

PInk Ladies INvitational 2015

Pics from 2015
Champions and medallists
Georgia is senior Yorkshire Champion 2014
F and V 2012
Floor and Vault Diamonds 2012
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