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gymnastics club huddersfieldCountdown has begun

For us mere mortals the olympics are 2 years away but for thwe athletes, the process of qualificaiton, skill development and injury management is beginning toi ramp up

gymnastics club huddersfieldRio Olympic Games countdown

Rio 2016 is nearly here

gymnastics club huddersfieldAll change: The New code is here

The 2017 - 2020 code and what it means

gymnastics club huddersfieldYorkshire Grades


gymnastics club huddersfieldAcro conquers

Medals and smiles

gymnastics club huddersfieldNEW FaceBook page

Facebook and social media

gymnastics club huddersfieldSpot the diff

 NEW..Spot the difference

News & Events Summary


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All fees are based upon the number of hours that a gymnast trains.

Beginners Class
£16 per month

Competition Classes

Less Than 3 Hours - £48.00
Less Than 5 Hours - £55.00
Less Than 7 Hours - £60.00
Less Than 7 Hours - £65.00

More Than 10 Hours - £70.00